How to Decorate With Fondant

To begin with fondant is a creamy white sugar, a thick mass used in different forms for the purpose of confectionary and cake decorating.

To get the right consistency and flow for your cake kneading and rolling fondant form an important part of cake decorating. Therefore you need to have all the right tools in place.

Some of the important sugarcraft or fondant tools

Rolling pin

A very important tool for any fondant cake maker is the fondant or regular rolling pin :
 If you are opting for a standard rolling pin, choose a relatively narrow rolling pin preferably of silicone. Its non stick surface is far more effective.

Other tools:

A number of household gadgets come handy when working with fondant. Many of which include

Bamboo skewers or spaghetti sticks:
 They help to incise lines in fondant or work well as small rollers.

A fairly sharp non serrated knife works well for cutting fondant icing.

Paintbrushes are necessary to dampen the fondant.

For sculpturing with fondant you would need confectioner's tools. These tools include small ball tools, hooks and other shaping implements.



When it comes to 2D or 3D designing you have to handcraft it. But for various other designing mainly the pressed kind moulds work well.

You need to simply press the fondant icing into the mould to shape decorations for your fondant cake. Specialty cutters can form ribbons of different length and width. In short it is a professional look with limited skill and effort.

Procedure for working with fondant

Most important you need to have a clean, smooth surface which is a pre requisite for rolling.

Next add a little corn flour to the surface to ensure that the fondant does not stick it. But always remember only at the surface never on the top of the fondant.

The ideal thickness of fondant to cover a cake is about 3mm. Excessive thickness makes the cover too sweet, thereby overpowering the delicious cake sponge and filling inside.

A very important to note - kneading icing is not like kneading dough. You need to mix the ingredients with a very light hand to bind them together. If you end up pummelling, then the fondant will stick to the board and become unmanageable.

If your hands are hot this will tend to make your icing sticky and then you will be tempted to use more of corn flour that will dry your icing. So cool your hands under cold water pat them dry. In this way you keep your fingers light on corn flour.

Lastly once you done with the icing on the cake never refrigerate it.Or else the fondant will sweat in the fridge. Once your cake is covered it is perfectly fine to store in a cool place (approx. 20 degrees).

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