Why You Should Use Fondant Icing On Your Cake

If you attend a wedding and see a fantastic display of a cake with a smooth flowing drape design or realistic looking flowers and butterflies, you probably are looking at a cake covered with fondant.
But, what is fondant?
Basically, it is a mixture of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin. The result is a mixture that resembles dough that can be rolled and molded over a cake. Homemade versions use a blend of sugar, water and cream of tartar, or a combination of marshmallows, powdered sugar and water. Store bought versions use a lot more sugar in their recipe, and have added preservatives.
Many agree that homemade fondant taste much better than the ready-made store types. However, this icing can be difficult to make, so most bakers and bakeries use the ready-made versions of this frosting.
Taste can vary from brand to brand. You may find that the cheaper brands are not as tasty as the more expensive brands. It is advisable to test taste small amounts of several brands before spending a lot of money of any one brand. When using a bakery, you probably should get an agreement in writing as to which brand of fondant to use on your cake. Without a signed agreement, the bakery will probably opt to use the cheapest and less tasty brand available.
For a better tasting icing, you should avoid deep colored fondant, since the extra food coloring can give the icing a nasty taste. But this icing can come in any shade of color that you want.
A lot of people prefer the taste of butter-cream icing, and it is less expensive than fondant. Fondant also is thicker with a chewy texture that many people don't like.
So, why use fondant on your wedding cake?
Many brides like the dazzling display of a fondant covered cake. A skilled artist can make almost any three-dimensional design shape with this cake covering that will amaze your guest. If you want beautiful butterflies resting on colorful flowers, this is not a problem. If you want sweeping, smooth drapes adorning your cake, this also is not a problem. If you want colorful birds, sea shells or an image of your favorite pet adorning your cake, fondant is the covering that you want to use.
It also holds attached decorations better than butter-cream frosting.
It is less likely to melt outdoors during the hot summer months.
It can be molded into patterns that is difficult with butter-cream.
It gives you that smooth, polished look that makes your cake the center of conversation.
It gives your cake that extra look of class and extravagance.
Butter-cream icing obviously gives you that smooth, sweet butter and cream texture, and is less expensive than fondant. However, fondant can give your cake that dazzling appearance of extravagant design. You can amaze your guest with smooth flowing drapes, colorful flowers graced with brilliant butterflies adorning your wedding cake. And if you are having an outdoors party during the warmer months, fondant is probably the better choice.
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