12 Cake Decorating Tips For Fondant

Fondant provides a smooth, satiny surface on which you can attach all sorts of sugary decorations such as ribbons, embroidery, and flowers.  The possibilities are as endless as your creativity, but first you need to become familiar with fondant.  The following 12 cake decorating tips are offered to help you "get your feet wet". 
  1. To save time or to help you get started, purchase rolled fondant at a cake decorating supply store or a large arts and crafts store.  Ready-made fondant is white or pre-tinted.  You can also purchase small packages of colored fondant to use for decorations. Yet another option is to purchase a mix.
  2. Leftover icing can be kept for up to two months at room temperature, when sealed in an airtight package.
  3. Always apply a thin layer of butter cream icing before covering a cake with fondant.
  4. When fondant rips or tears, repair with fresh icing or try to smooth the break with a small amount of shortening on your finger tips.
  5. As you are working, keep your supply of icing securely wrapped so that it doesn't dry out.
  6. You can cover the cake board with rolled fondant to present your cake in a classy way.  Drape the fondant over the cake and board as one flowing piece; or create a fondant base in a contrasting color.
  7. Poured fondant is easier to apply to a cake and gives a shiny, smooth surface.  Poured fondant is a convenient way to cover cupcakes.
  8. Apply color to the icing dough with a toothpick - this allows you to carefully control the amount of color you knead into the dough.
  9. If you stop kneading the dough before the color is fully blended in, you can create a marble color effect!
  10. Apply fondant decorations to the cake using a very small amount of water on a dampened brush.
  11. Find things you have at home to decorate with.  For example, a button can be used to emboss designs onto a cake.
  12. To create ribbons, purchase a fondant ribbon cutter.  A fancy version of this tool is a cutter that can also emboss patterns such as stripes or beads.

How to Polish Your Fondant Skills
The most important cake decorating tip of all for those who want to become accomplished cake decorators is:  Take cake decorating classes. Start with the foundational skills and then move on to advanced courses.  In classes you will learn from experienced instructors and have the benefit of advice as you work through projects.  You will also have the opportunity to network with other enthusiasts and share cake decorating tips and ideas.
Learn more about taking fondant cake decorating classes to take your skills to the next level. Are you enthusiastic about cake decorating? Then discover a series of free cake decorating tips including more fondant cake decorating tips.

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