Modern Wedding Cakes

A modern bride and groom certainly deserve a modern wedding cake. In my opinion, if the reception, dress, tuxes and decor will be sleek and stylish, the cake should match. The modern design, however, may seem elusive to those not in the know about desert styles, so let's take a look at what exactly a modern wedding cake is.

Deserts for the Modern Couple
Typically, cakes can be labeled modern if they deviate from the traditional. Whether the slight difference in design is the shape, the frosting or tier structure, modern wedding cakes often exude elegance and clean lines.
Traditionally, cakes at wedding receptions are usually round tiered structures with busy frosting designs. So to change up the traditional, one could create a square cake, cupcakes or a fondant base to create the modern cake.
Square Cakes
One popular trend in modern wedding cake designs is the square cake. This desert is undeniably modern by itself, but the square cake often also features a fondant base. Fondant is an edible material that can be draped over the base to create a smooth-as-glass base for the design.
Once the fondant is in place, decor can be added with frosting, additional fondant, flowers and edible spray paints. This material allows for a versatility in design that is not as easily created with frosting, and it retains a sleek profile for that modern, clean-lined appeal.
Cupcake Weddings
Cupcakes have come a long way from the individual cakes made for third grade birthday parties. Rather than a sad and tiny desert with disappointing bits of haphazardly applied frosting, modern wedding cupcakes can be the individual masterpieces of a large wedding cake, complete with modern design and flair.
Fondant and ganache are both great toppings for the modern cupcake, but bakers can also decorate the tiny deserts in beautiful traditional frosting swirls. Once the cupcakes are decorated, they can be displayed in a number of different ways, but a cupcake tier has become rather popular in weddings of today.
Whatever the bride and groom's final decision on the cake choice, they will surely be pleased with the many different modern wedding cake options to fit their reception needs. Square cakes, cupcakes and fondant are all great choices for the modern couple, and all of these modern cake ideas are sure to help the young couple enjoy their reception in a style that matches their modern lives.
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