Miniature Hat Cupcakes - Think Upside Down

Have you seen the silicone ice cream cupcake pan? It's a work of art beautiful in appearance, functional and easy to store. First time seeing it was on a all-day cooking marathon. Thought about purchasing it but thought, how do you serve it to people? They would be holding cake in their hands.

 You cannot stand that up on a plate. It's top heavy, and would fall over and there goes your beautiful design. That changed, however, when the host turned the pan upside down and sat on the counter. Hat cupcakes immediately came to mind.
Imagine social events where women are served regular undecorated cupcakes. Think a little more upscale and add these miniature hat cupcakes in different cake flavors, frosting and fondant colors. Think red velvet with red fondant, chocolate cake with chocolate fondant and so on and so on. Can't remember which is which? Create a beautifully decorated flavor chart and put it on the table. It'll be like the chocolates with the list. People will grab their favorite and love you for taking the time to create personal treats for them. It will start a movement all across America. Everyone will want them, including men. To make top hats for men, cover the cupcakes with black fondant.
These cupcake beauties are single-serving desserts and can be displayed on cupcake liners or tiered serving trays ready to be served and eaten. Just be ready for the people who refuse to eat them and take them home to show people saying they were too cute to eat.
There are endless ways to decorate these pint-sized treats. The sky is the limit. The most simple design is to spread a little buttercream frosting on top and sides, add coconut and press it into the buttercream. It looks like a designer winter hat.
Six-inch round fondant disks can be cut out and gently molded to fit buttercream cupcakes that have been lightly iced and refrigerated. Using a pizza cutter makes it easy to remove any excess fondant and gets you started decorating quickly.
Cupcakes can be made in several different flavors and to add filling, you can use a regular tip 12, insert it into the large end and squeeze gently. What a surprise that is when your guests bite into it and taste the filling.
For success with the silicone ice cream cupcake mold, remember six things:
1) use flour/shortening aerosol can spray to spray inside the cavities,
2) use a pound cake style cake (otherwise the hats will be too fragile to decorate),
3) the large cookie scoop is perfect to put batter in the cavities for even results,
4) freeze the mold slightly to remove your cupcakes without breaking, and
5) if there is a dome on top, cut it away using a serrated knife and use the domes to make miniature whoopie pies, and
6) lightly frost your cupcakes with buttercream, chill and then apply your fondant, gently smoothing to ensure complete contact before decorating.
Let the movement begin.
Debra Mosely is the author of The Cake & Cookie Closet: All Dolled Up in Sugar.

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