Cake Decorating Ideas And Tips To Help You Make A Fabulicious Creation!

Cake decorating ideas are easy to come by thanks to the Internet. However, too much of a good thing can quickly put you on overload. The best thing to do is simplify and go with easy cake decorating options. Here's a few ideas to consider:

ICING CAKES - To make it easier to ice your cake, thin out the icing, so it will spread smoothly. You can thin it with 3-4 tablespoons of corn syrup.
FONDANT COVERED CAKES - If you're looking for a way to create a "perfect" cake without blemish, then you'll want to consider a fondant covering. This wonderful creation eliminates all possibility of crumbs in the frosting and hides any lumps or bubbles in the cake.
EASY FONDANT BOW - A bow made out of fondant is a great and easy way to add instant pizazz to your cake. A fondant bow on top of a square cake is a perfect choice for a tea party. Roll the fondant out to 1/8" inch thickness. Cut 1" wide strips. Depending upon the size of your cake, cut pieces to create two ribbon loops, two ties to hang down, and one piece to loop around the center of the bow and conceal all the ends.
FONDANT ROSES - These are super easy to make and are perfect for just about any cake that you might be making. All you have to do is roll out your fondant to 1/8" thickness and cut into strips. Depending upon the size you want your rose to be, you might consider making the strips 2" by 6". Fold the fondant in half lengthwise and roll it up. Once rolled, cut off the excess. Cluster three roses together on top of your cake.
SUGAR FLOWERS - For an instant floral decoration, add pre-made sugar flowers to your cake. They come in a variety of colors and all you have to do is dream up your floral design and start laying them down.
SHAPED CAKE PANS - Match a cake pan to your party theme and decorate it according to the pan's instructions. There are over 225 pans available that come in various shapes and sizes.
DECORATED CUPCAKES - Bring your cake decorating down to a manageable scale by opting for cupcakes. All you have to do is frost them and decorate them with cupcake picks.
If you want to be a little more creative, you could create the look of a bouquet by arranging tiny sugar flowers on top and pipe out green stems from the flowers.
Another yummy and easy option is to cover your cupcakes with chocolate frosting and then top them off with chocolate curls.
Frost your cupcakes to look like various sports balls. For example, a cupcake frosted white with a curved red line on either side becomes a baseball. Frost one orange and pipe out black lines and it becomes a basketball.
BOTTOM LINE: Baking can be a fun and rewarding experience and it's a great way to express your artistic and culinary talents, while providing yummy confectionary treats. Get your creative juices flowing and make it easy on yourself by implementing some of these basic cake decorating ideas.
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