Get the Kids Involved in Cake Decorating For Mother's Day

A cake is a great gift to give on Mother's Day, it's easy to make and can be really messy if you want it to be, making it a great activity for kids to get involved in. Most households have the ingredients needed to make a cake, and if you're not especially gifted in the kitchen then you don't really need to worry, as a basic cake mix can be made from a recipe and isn't complicated at all.

A cake for Mother's Day needs to be made with the love of a family, and if that family consists of young children then it needs to be really messy. Getting the kids involved in the cake making is easy, as the mixing is very messy and will end up with them covered in more cake mix than was ever intended to be made, buying extra ingredients will help keep up the level of cake mix so the cake still turns out to be full size.
Once the cake mix is made up and put in the oven the kids can be put to work making the icing and choosing all of the sweets that will go on its top. Chocolate drops will undoubtedly get eaten before they're put on the cake, so having enough of these to accommodate some being eaten is wise. Icing can be mixed into whatever colour the kids want, and if more than one child wants a colour of their own, the cake can be split in half or into thirds to let them have their own piece to decorate.
The filling of a cake is another way for kids to get messy and involved. To make the cake really nice for a mother, using butter icing and jam will make a very nice cake, and it'll go well with custard and cream as well if a mother likes those. Obviously some children might be too young to be involved in jam making, but others will love the idea, and making a bit extra for them to eat afterwards will keep them happy while dads piece the cake together and make it vaguely presentable.
Of course at the end of the day the appearance or taste of the cake doesn't matter, what does is the fact that the kids were involved in its making. Getting them involved in decorating a cake for Mother's Day is simple when food is introduced as a reward.
Every year Emma Darling's husband gets their kids to make a homemade Mother's Day gift for her, because they're always the most special. For Mother's Day she loves to be surprised, but cake is definitely always her favourite.

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