Decoration Ideas for Special Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes have replaced the role of traditional wedding cake these days. Since more people love simplicity, wedding cupcakes become a favorite treat for most couples. This cake is more portable due to its size. Besides, you don't need to prepare small plates or knives to serve these cute cakes. The cakes are wrapped by paper cups; it gives you an easier serving option.

Decorating wedding cupcakes should be more special than decorating cupcakes for birthday or tea party. You need to think about the details so that the decoration matches with your overall wedding theme. Below are some decoration ideas for your wedding cupcakes:
1. Monogram
This is the most common decoration that people use for cupcakes. First, decorate the top of the cupcakes with the icing. Then, make monograms that you will put on the top of the icing. Before placing the fondant monograms on the cakes, make sure that they are dry. The next step is cutting the fondant into some forms like heart or circles. The last step is placing the monograms on each of your cupcake.
2. Flag
Make small flags from decorative paper to decorate the top of the cake. You can cut the flags into various shapes such as rectangle or square. To make the flags look more interesting, it is a great idea to add monogram on it. You can use toothpick to attach the flags and then stick it into the top of cupcakes.
3. Fondant Flowers
Fondant flowers can be great addition to your wedding cupcakes. There are many types of flowers to use and you can choose one that fits your wedding theme. Decorating cupcakes using fondant flowers can be done in two ways. First, you can make large fondant flower that covers the entire top of your cupcake. Second, you can make some small fondant flowers to cover the cake so that it resembles a bouquet.
4. Fresh Fruits
Fresh fruits can be decorations that are beautiful and healthy. Some fresh fruits you can use for decorations are strawberries, raspberries or kiwi. You can combine some fruits with different colors to enhance your cupcakes look.
5. Chocolate
Chocolate shavings are perfect decorations whether your cake flavor is lemon, vanilla or chocolate. Chocolate savings are tasty and you can use shapes that represent your wedding scheme.
6. Hobby
You can decorate your wedding cupcakes based on the hobby that you enjoy. If you love playing music, you can make a musical note or musical instrument miniature from the fondant. Then, put it on the top of the cake.
There are numerous creative ways to decorate your wedding cupcakes these days. If you need more decoration ideas for cupcakes, find them by clicking on our site.

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