Cake Ribbon

Decorating a cake can be difficult and messy, especially when it comes to covering the seams where two layers meet. Frosting in between layers is sometimes troublesome even for experienced cake decorators. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem.... cake ribbon!

 Regular grosgrain, satin, or any other kind of ribbon can be wrapped around the bottom of each layer to hide the seam. It gives any cake an instant, professionally decorated look and is super simple for anyone to do. There are endless colors schemes that can be utilized between the frosting and ribbon. There is even rhinestone cake ribbon available in many different thicknesses with rows of gorgeous shimmery lead free stones!
Once you have your cake layers stacked and coated in frosting or fondant, carefully cut your ribbon in the proper length to go around the bottom of your cake layer. If you don't know the exact circumference of each layer, you can find this easily by wrapping your ribbon around the outside of your cake pan. Be sure to leave an inch or so to compensate for the thickness of the frosting or fondant. If your ribbon is rhinestoned, you can either cut it with heavy duty kitchen shears or bend it back and forth until it breaks to get the proper length. Then you can just carefully wrap it around the bottom of each layer and gently press against the fondant or frosting. If your ribbon is fabric, you will need to wrap it around your finger and dip it into a bowl of warm water. Let the water soak into the ribbon for a few seconds, then remove it and wring the excess water out by running the ribbon between your fingers. Now, gently wrap it around the bottom of your cake layer and lightly press it into the frosting or fondant. Be careful not to use too much pressure or you may end up having to frost the entire layer over again to smooth out the sides. Fondant is much more forgiving than frosting, so you won't need to be quite as gentle with it. Fondant that has been shifted can be smoothed back out with a finger dipped in water, using a light touch. The sugar in the fondant or frosting helps form a glue-like bond that will keep it stuck you your cake until you are ready to take it off. It really is just that easy!
Cake Ribbon is easy to use. This is a great tutorial with videos and supplies.
Another great source for cake ribbon!

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