An Overview On Choosing Toppers For Wedding Cakes

Toppers for wedding cakes have come a long way through time. Their invention made use of different symbols which suit the wonderful things the newly wedded couple together with their family and guests wish for. Of all these symbols, nothing beats the traditional bride and groom figurines that complete the design of the entire cake. They definitely reflect the romance that is in the air on that very special day.

Perhaps, you are assigned to take care of the cake for an upcoming of exchange of vows. While this may appear difficult, fear not as going through the right considerations can make things easier than you think. First of all, think about the individual personalities of the bride and the groom. You can also reflect on how they look together. Then, research about the wedding motif - color, design and materials. You would not want to come up with something that is against the theme, right? Finally, interview the closest people to the couple. They can share with you the interests and the hobbies of the couple which may be useful for you.
Romantic cake decors were the 'in' thing during the early times. But nowadays, funny wedding cake toppers are available in bake shops and crafts stores. They are created especially for those who wanted to celebrate their big day on a lighter note. These funny items do not necessarily mean images that are quite offensive. They simply are different from the common bride and groom figurines that are kissing, leaning close to each other or dancing. Rather, the figurines depict a couple playing basketball together or reclining in the beach sand.
Apart from couple figurines, there are other items from which you can choose. Letter toppers for wedding cakes make perfect accessories too. For an elegant finish, you can choose swarovski crystals for added accent. Gold plated letters and letters in sterling are great choices too. Generally, these toppers are composed of two letters. The one at the left-hand side stands for the bride's initial while the one at the right-hand side stands for the groom's initial. As an addition, a heart-shaped photo holder is placed close to the initials with the picture of the couple in it.
If the couple wants a cake that is designed exclusively for them, making a sketch on their behalf could be very helpful. Put into drawing the ideas you got from researching about the couple. Bring your sketch as you scout for stores specializing in toppers for wedding cakes. Discuss your plan and ask whether your design is workable or not. Should customization would not be a useful option for you, check out some ready-made decors which can compliment your design. Apart from enough budget, do not forget about ordering everything you will need ahead of time. You will never know how many weddings will happen on the same date that you are preparing for. Lastly, in everything you do prioritize the interests of the couple and not your own interests.
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