The Art Of Decorating A Cake With Rolled Fondant

Sugarcraft is most likely the most misunderstood cake decorating term in existence. Go out and ask people what they think it is and you'll get answers like "It's a type of vehicle" or "It's a Norwegian punk rock band" or "Is that a type of Witchcraft?"

What Sugarcraft really is, is a kind of cake decorating that produces three-dimensional works of art.
Sugarcraft to cake decorating is like clay to sculpting. It requires a special kind of icing, called rolled fondant. It's like a dough that you use to cover your cake and mold into 3-D sculptures. You can roll fondant into sheets that you can use to cut bows or flowers out of.
When dealing with rolled fondant, you should never use liquid food coloring. It will make your fondant runny and completely unusable. Always stick with coloring pastes or sprays.
The process of learning how to decorate using fondant can be downright maddening, so prepare to pull out some hair. If your bald, buy a wig for the occasion. When it comes to sugarcraft, you'll need to exercise that artistic eye of yours.
If your serious about learning how to use rolled fondant though, I suggest buying a video or finding a class so you can learn step by step. If you take a class, you'll have a teacher around to provide you with instant feedback so you don't spend much time in the "error" part of "trial and error".
There is an online store called Surbiton Sugarcraft, they are a UK company that supplies everything you'll need for the process of shaping and decorating with Sugarcraft. They have too many tools and gadgets to list in this article, but I'll go over just a few of the supplies they have to offer below:
- Huge selection of stainless steel and plastic tools like stainless steel cutters, spatulas, cake pans, e.t.c.
-Ice Craft Sugarpaste is a professional quality sugarpaste that comes ready to use, and creates a very smooth finish. It's easier to handle then some other sugarpastes on the market because it's less oily and gritty.
Try Edible Lustre Air brush colors for coloring sugarpaste. They also work well on buttercream, and they come in 6 different colors.
-Piped roses. These are small little decorations that go better on cupcakes in my opinion then on a regular cake. They are so intricate and gorgeous.
Check out the website sometime when you've got time to kill. A whole world of sugarcraft is out there and ready to used.
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