Basic Steps on Making Fondant

Fondant is what makes our cakes look smoother and more appealing. It is also used in candies, chocolate filling and pastry fillings or coverings. While it does look sophisticated when made-up, there are actually very basic steps on how to make fondant that we can easily follow.

If we are particularly looking at fondant to decorate our cakes with, the following steps on how to make fondant can be done right in our own kitchens and with very minimal ingredients that we can make it in as little as a few minutes.
What We Will Need
Fondant is a sugar-based type of icing that we can roll to cover our cakes with, to give them that smoother look. We would usually find fondant-covered and decorated cakes in wedding receptions, baptismal celebrations and other special events.
There are a number of basic ingredients that we will be needing to make a fondant. All these can be easily found in stores so we won't be hard-pressed looking for them.
The ingredients are as follows: 1 tbsp. unflavored gelatin, about a quarter cup of water, a teaspoonful of almonds, half a cup of light corn syrup, 1 tablespoonful of glycerin, about two pounds of confectioner's sugar and half a teaspoon of white vegetable shortening.
In place of light corn syrup, we can mix together about a cup and a quarter of sugar and a third cup of water. Boil the mixture until it thickens and turns into syrup.
The Process
Once we have all the basic ingredients, our next step on how to make fondant is putting all these together to create the perfect fondant of just the right consistency to make it too hard or too soft, depending on our need for it.
Cook the gelatin following directions on the package. Once it has been cooked and liquefied, place the almonds in the mixture; followed by the glycerin and the corn syrup or our substitute of sugar and water syrup.
Stir everything together until it turns into a clear mixture.
The next thing we need to do is to sift the confectioner's sugar into a bowl big enough for the mixture to fit in. Leave half a pound of the sugar for use later. Pour the liquid mixture into the center of the sugar and then mix everything again until everything is blended well together.
We should be able to come-up with a sticky substance from the entire mixture.
The other half pound of confectioner's sugar should be placed on a smooth, even surface; sifting all around it. We will then knead the sticky mass on the sugar until we have come-up with an evenly smooth fondant.
As for the vegetable shortening, we simply put some of it on our thumbs and knead it through the entire mass.
Keep the fondant in an air-tight container, covering it in cling wrap.
These very easy-to-follow steps on how to make fondant can have us decorating our cakes in no time at all.
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