Fresh Ideas and Novelty-Themed Cakes

"Ace of Cakes" and other Food Networks has become part of every homes. Through these shows, viewers are given free recipes and step by step guidelines in cooking and decorating. Cake decorating stuffs and other cooking techniques of world - renowned chefs are made available because of these shows.

In this article, you'll find popular novelty cake designs that you can try. These are:
Carousel Cakes - The carousel cake is very popular. This kind of novelty cake emphasizes the decorator's skills. Depending on the cake decorator's style and creativity he or she can add animals or other to make the cake appealing. Carousel cakes coverings can vary as well - from complex designs to simple toppers.
As mentioned earlier, carousel animals can be added in this type of cake. It can be made from cookies to small plastic figures or even wood. In assembling the canopy of the cake, the easiest way is to a card stock. For example, you can use a 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet, cutting a circle about 7 inches in diameter. Remember that the size of the canopy also depends on the size of the base. After cutting, start decorating the canopy by covering the sheet with tissues or colorful prints.
Game Board Cakes - Board games such as Chess, Monopoly, Candy Land and Life are great ideas for cakes. These cakes are appealing and it brings back childhood memories.
In making this type of cake, first, you must decide which board game you want to imitate. Keep in mind that the cake must resemble the actual board game. You can start frosting the cake with white colored butter - cream or cover it with a white colored fondant. After frosting or covering it with fondant, now is the time to assemble the actual board game. Let's say you are imitating a Candy Land board game, the blocks that serves as pathways can be made with flattened fondant. Use rolling pin to flatten the fondant and then cut it into squares. To make the path attractive, alternate the colors of the square path. After which, you can decorate the board game with the use of gumdrops and even the actual game pieces.
Cakes that are inspired by movies - Everyone has a favorite movie. Nowadays, cake decorators are using movie themes as inspiration to their masterpieces. They use actions figures that are readily available in comic shops and novelty stores. They can also mimic the movie character to use by simply downloading the pictures on the web.
You can choose among these famous novelty designs to share with your beloved ones and friends. In addition, you can also visit sites that offer help and tips in fondant decorating. This will surely help you to enhance and have a better novelty cake.
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